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Usd Feed a user-based payment network!

Since it is a currency managed by users, it has the feature of being the only one in the world.1.2


Amazing Features

We provide more than just a cryptocurrency.


Blockchain-enabled technology delivers world-class security while meeting international compliance standards and regulations.


All investment values, statistics and investments related to users are shared publicly.

Reference Partnership

With the reference partnership, it is possible to earn extra earnings through the members you invite.

Active Support

Our support helps you solve any issues you have

Global Interaction

Because we attach great importance to transparency, investors can communicate with each other globally.

Fast and Ease of Use

With its fast, advanced and easy transferability, it will be one of the cryptocurrencies that will be widely used in the future.

Blockchain Technology

It is built on top of open blockchain technologies, leveraging security and transparency.

A first in the world

It is the only user-based cryptocurrency. It is completely user friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers from our investors.

What is this platform?
This is a cryptocurrency project that can be controlled by investors. It can be purchased publicly for the entire public when it is put into service on the stock exchanges. It will be a cryptocurrency.
When will it be opened to service on stock exchanges?
First of all, our aim is to reach an investment of $100.000. When we reach an investment of $100.000, we will be put into service on stock exchanges.
How can I make money?
You can earn money from this platform in 2 ways.

Method 1
You can use the reference system to earn money. With the reference system, you can earn a certain amount of profit from that investor whenever a member you add to the system makes an investment.

Method 2
By investing in the platform, you can earn income by keeping your investment in the platform until it is put into service on the stock exchanges.
What is the Minimum Investment (Deposit) Amount?
The minimum investment amount is 15 USDT. If you pay in lower values, low balance investments will still be added to your account.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 11 USDT.
How much is the withdrawal fee?
Only 2 USDT Network fees are charged for each withdrawal. There is no other fee.
How long does it take to withdraw money?
Withdrawals are made instantly and automatically. Your withdrawal request will be processed within 2 minutes.
To which wallet account can I withdraw my money?
You can withdraw funds to any wallet belonging to the TRX Tron (TRC20) network on any exchange. All wallets belonging to the TRX Tron (TRC20) network are valid.
What are coins?
Coins are your crypto assets. Once they are made available on exchanges, you can sell these coins or use them for shopping.
How can I earn coins?
To earn coins, you must first deposit a minimum amount of money. As long as your money remains in your account as much as the amount you deposit, you will earn coins continuously throughout. If you make a withdrawal. The coins given to you will be reset. If you deposit extra, your coins will continue to increase proportionally.
Why was my coin reset?
If your coins have been reset, it indicates that you have made a withdrawal. With each withdrawal, all the coins you earn are reset.
What is the share rate?
The share rate indicates who owns the largest portion of the coin amount. People with high share rate means that there will be crypto whales in the future. In other words, these people will manage the market of the crypto money that we will issue. Therefore, share rates have a very important place.
How can I increase my share rate?
By depositing a large amount of money and not withdrawing the money from the platform. It should be held for a long time.
How are Star Ranks calculated?
Star ranks are calculated once every one hour based on the available balances in the account. Those with higher balances have a higher rank.
Rank Calculation
10 person with the highest available balance can reach 5 stars.
30 person with the highest available balance can reach 4 stars.
50 person with the highest available balance can reach 3 stars.
It consists of investors with the highest current balance of 20%.
It consists of investors with the highest current balance of 30%.
It consists of investors who do not have a current balance.
What is the reference system?
The reference system is a system where you can earn extra income from the people you invite to the platform. When each member you invite makes a deposit to the system at least once, you will earn an extra $0.85.

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